Best Ways of Seasoning & Marinating Your Beef

Bringing out the best in your steak can sometimes be a daunting task. To help you get started, we have put together some great pointers about marinades, seasonings and sauces.
Marinade Magic
To better flavor and tenderize meat, we sometimes soak it in a mixture known as a marinade.
Vinegars and citrus juices are used to tenderize meat because it permeates the meat and breakdown connective tissues. For steaks with a tough cut, it may require a longer marinating time to make it tender and juicy. Oil-based marinades are used for extra lean or extra thick steaks to keep the meat moist during cooking. The best Steaks to marinate include Chuck, Flank, Round, Sirloin, Skirt Top Round, and Hanger.
Not all steaks need to be tenderized and doing so, will make the meat go soft. Steaks not suitable for marinating include Club, Filet Mignon, Kansas City Strip, Loin, New York Strip, Porterhouse, Rib, Shell, Sirloin, T-bone, and Tenderloin
Seasoning For Flavor
A good cut of meat does not need added flavors but poorer cuts sometimes need added seasoning. Beef takes well to almost any seasoning, and seasoning can be used in marinades, rubbed onto the surface of your steak or added to steak sauces.
Salt can be used to enhance flavors or keep meats from browning but if you are going to use salt, opt for coarse or kosher salt and use it in moderation.