Planning the Perfect Barbeque (BBQ)


Everyone loves a great barbeque bonding with family and friends over good food and great fun. To help you put together the perfect barbeque, we have prepared a checklist to help you keep on top of things.
About Two Weeks or a Month before the BBQ
Theme and Decor – Decide if you want to have a theme for your party. Candles, sparking lights, a table cloth, balloons; and even palm leaves can inject a feeling of festivity to your party.
Venue, Chairs, Tables and Other Provisions– When deciding on a venue, do make provisions to have a marquee in case it rains. We recommend making an early booking for your venue, particularly during peak seasons such as school holidays. Also, if you intend to rent chairs, tables and other equipment (e.g. sound & lighting equipment, balloon pumps, radio, drink dispenser etc.), it is advisable to make an early booking to avoid disappointment. Some barbeque venues require permits, so it might be wise to check and apply for it beforehand.
Invitations - Make out a guest list and send out invitations early. Your invitation should indicate important details such as Date, Time, Venue and last date for RSVPs. If you have a theme, remember to specify a dress code in your invitations.
Number of guests – Remember to confirm the actual number of guest that will be attending and clarify any special dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarians).
Food, Drinks, Cutlery, Crockery & Napkins – When planning the menu and shopping list, to avoid any confusion, we recommend categorizing the food menu accordingly (e.g. pre-marinated, non-beef etc.) For some great recipes ideas, click here to subscribe to our newsletter. Remember to place your order early to avoid disappointment and do include in drinks, cutlery, crockery, napkins and ice. It might also be advisable to plan a separate menu for children, if you are intending to have spicy dishes.
Manpower & Grills – Remember to book early if you require a BBQ specialist. See if you can rope in some family and friends to help with your party (e.g. prepare desserts, carry chairs etc.) Also, ensure that you prepare enough charcoal and fire-starters and remember to make an early booking for any barbeque grills or pits. If you are using a gas grill, ensure that you have enough gas, and a refill on standby.
Entertainment & Goodie bags – You might want to plan some entertainment for the adults and children. Beach volleyball and poolside games can be good fun, and one can never be too old to receive a goodies bag. Remember to set aside any equipment, prizes or games (e.g. inflatable ball, board games, a deck of cards etc.) that you intend to bring.
One to Two Days Before the Barbeque (BBQ) Party
Double Check- Make sure that you have gotten everything that you need. Check to see if you need additional supplies. Set aside any non-food items (e.g. bicycle, tent, beach mat etc.) that you plan to bring along ahead of time.
Documentation- If you have made a prior booking for the venue, rental of grill/ pit, tables & chairs, it maybe advisable to get ready any documentation or deposit required.
Food Preparation- If you have food that you are planning to make ahead of the party, it maybe a good time to get started now. It is amazing what a simple mix of soy sauce, barbeque sauce, garlic and a little honey can do for meat and seafood. For some great recipes ideas, click here to subscribe to our newsletter. For frozen food items, remember to set it out to thaw the day before the event and don’t forget to get ready the condiments (e.g. tomato sauce, mustard, pepper etc.)
On the day of the barbeque (BBQ)
Timing- Remember to bring along all documentation and deposits required when collecting the keys for your venue/ pit or other rental equipment (e.g. tables & chairs) Also, if you are expecting delivery of food and the arrival of a BBQ specialist, it is strong recommended that you adhere to the delivery slot and try to arrive early.
Ambience- Start decorating the party areas and arrange the tables and chairs accordingly. Set out the plates, utensils and BBQ tools for easy access and get ready the drinks and children’s table. Get ready a large plastic tub for ice and canned drinks (if required) and any drink dispensers. For ideas on some party drinks, click here. Remember to set up a large trash container/ bag in your cooking and party area for the easy disposal of used paper plates, cups and rubbish; and you might find a paper roll or two may come in handy for oily hands.
Starting the Grill & Food Preparation- Starting the perfect fire takes time and it would be wise to start the grill prior to the arrival of your guest. For Great BBQ Fire tips, click here. If you intend to grill any vegetables, you may want to start preparing and wrapping in foil, if required. Remember that corn, potatoes and carrots should be on the grill about an hour before the meat.
Entertainment- Start laying out any games or prizes prior to the arrival of the guests. This way, when families with small children start arriving, the kids will have something to keep them occupied while waiting for their food.
Having finished all these preparations in advance, you are all set for a great night of fun, delectable food and good company. After all, isn’t that what a perfect barbeque is all about?
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