Saying “I Love You” With a Home-cooked Meal

Nothing beats having a romantic dinner date with your partner in the comfort of your home. To help you say, “I love you” with a home-cooked meal, we have put together some useful guidelines for you.
Booking your date- To ensure that he/she won’t have other time commitments, remember to book your date in advance. If you have children, make advance arrangements with your babysitter, to have your kids sent to their place.
Setting the stage- If you are planning a surprise romantic date, consider placing some candles or decorations at your main door to welcome your date’s arrival. If it is not a surprise date, you may want to consider giving your date an invitation card by placing it on their pillow or sending it with a bouquet of flowers. Have fun being creative.
Ambience- Ambience is important to create a romantic date. Remember to dim the lights, set a nice tablecloth, nice dinnerware, candles, flowers or even nicely folded napkins in advance. Don’t forget to confirm your music playlist or make prior arrangements for any other romantic activities that you may have planned.
Menu- When deciding on a your menu, remember to include your date’s favorite foods and make out a shopping list in advance. For some great recipes ideas, click here to subscribe to our newsletter. A great meal isn’t complete without some romantic drinks to set the mood. For some drink recipes, click here. If you plan to order-in your food, it might be wise to make an early booking to avoid disappointment, and ensure you set aside enough time to warm up the food and transfer the food items onto your nice dinnerware.
Dinner etiquette- When planning the menu, try to stay clear of messy foods (e.g. chili crab) that may be distracting during your date. Although you are eating at home, please remember your table etiquette and the basic rules of eating should still apply. Remember to put your napkin on your lap and do not chew with your mouth open.
Have fun- After all all the effort you have put into creating the perfect date, it is now time to relax, have fun and enjoy the company of your loved one.
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